IPMT 5 Year program

First year:

Introduction into methodology, diagnostic and treatment of Anthroposophic Medicine. Practical example how anthroposophic remedies are produced and how to work with them. Overview over the inner meditative path to understand the human being in its emotional and spiritual dimensions according to a concrete understanding how the system of immunological and self-healing processes can be stimulated by medicaments and meditative work.
Recommended reading for individual study and small group work:
Bolk’s Companions: Embryology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology. To order: Louis Bolk Institut, Fax +31 343 515611, www.louisbolk.nl
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Second year:

Deepening of the goetheanistic methodology towards observation and thinking faculty building inorder to outline the path of spiritual diagnosis as complement to mainstream medical diagnostics. Understanding of the Etheric Body as system of regeneration and live-giving functions and forces. Development of the concrete understanding how thinking capacities and live processes are interacting and promoting physical and spiritual health. Follow up of a variety of single case studies and disease management examples.

Recommended reading for individual study and small group work:
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Third year:

Souldevelopment. The healing impact of the arts, especially tone eurythmy, music-, speech-, painting-, modelizing therapy. Psychotherapy, psychiatric disease management. Anthroposophic Medicine on the field of medical specialization as internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, intensive care, surgery and others.
Cosmological understanding of the human being and the earth, projective geometry, metal treatment and working with medical meditations.
Recommended reading for individual study and small group work:
Glöckler, Michaela and Wolfgang Goebel: A Guide to Child Health. Floris Books, Edinburgh 42013.
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Fourth year:

The understanding of “the healer within”, the spiritual salutogenic resource of the higher self. The spiritual law of reincarnation and karma and its relevance for illness and health. Inner and outer origins of physical and mental diseases. Meditations for patients. Research methodology, documentation with academic standards. Anthroposophic medicine in daily practise, hospitals, home care etc.

Recommended reading for individual study and small group work:
Glöckler, Michaela, Stefan Langhammer, Christof Wiechert: Education – Health for Life. Persephone, Dornach 2006.
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Fifth year:

Psychosocial pathology and therapy, the social dimension of doctor’s role and responsibility. The role of agriculture and economic live for the well-being of the social and individual live. Education as preventive medicine, the pedagogical law, pastoral medicine, the esoteric foundation of the professional live: Professional live as service for humanity and the spiritual world. Daily live as path of initiation. One of the fifth year training weeks is supposed to be held at the Goetheanum, School for Spiritual Science in Dornach / Switzerland.

Recommended reading for individual study and small group work:
Glöckler, Michaela and Rolf Heine (eds.): Leadership Questions and Forms of Working in the Anthroposophic Medical Movement. Verlag am Goetheanum, 2016.
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